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In today's rapidly evolving digital & AI landscape, establishing trust and ownership for digital assets has never been more difficult.

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Why do we need
Digital Provenance?

Combat misinformation and disinformation

Digital provenance can help to identify and track the spread of misinformation and disinformation. This is important in a world where fake news and propaganda are increasingly common.

Maintain authenticity of digital assets

Digital provenance can help to ensure the authenticity of digital assets, such as art, music, and videos. This is important in a world where digital forgeries are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Protect the Intellectual Property

This allows us to protect intellectual property by tracking the creation and use of copyrighted material. This can help to prevent copyright infringement and piracy.

Improving the reliability of digital systems

Digital provenance can help to improve the reliability of digital systems by providing a way to track the history of digital objects. This can help to prevent future problems and improve the overall performance of digital systems.

Ensure the authenticity of AI models

Digital provenance can help to verify that an AI model is what it claims to be, and that it has not been tampered with. This is important for a variety of purposes, such as ensuring the integrity of AI-generated content, verifying the accuracy of AI-based predictions, and preventing the spread of misinformation.

Protect the rights of creators in Generative Art

Digital provenance is essential for generative art as it provides a record of its origin, ownership, and authenticity. It promotes transparency, preserves value, and ensures recognition for creators.

The features

Capture Cam

A secure camera technology captures, signs, and seals critical details in every photo or video, such as date, time, location, and the true pixels captured.

  • Authentic captures

  • Protect consumers

  • Prevent fraud

  • Authenticate digital media

  • One click to turn Capture assets to NFT

Capture Dashboard

Decentralized storage facility for all images taken on Capture Cam but also a depositary for you to upload original authentic images.

  • Store original authentic images

  • Detect existing images using our NFT Search engine

  • Detect fake content

  • Custom dashboard

  • Decentralised storage

  • Monetisation, mint + sell assets

Capture Eye

All images are verified and secured on the blockchain, protecting asset rights, proving authenticity and being transparent with edits, changes to digital media using Capture sign.

  • Decentralized storage of the actual media asset

  • Metadata

  • Copyright

  • Licensing rights

  • IP Certificate



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